Company Policy

Our Quality Management, SQF/HACCP and Health and Safety programs have been established and implemented to demonstrate our ability to provide products that meet our customer’s requirements all while providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

To meet these requirements, we must consistently supply high quality processes, products and service, and must continually strive to improve performance through understanding our customers' needs for our flexible packaging.

Our objectives are,

  • > continuous improvement and innovation,
  • > maintain the recognized standard of quality, service and reliability,
  • > meet our customers' requirements of processing quality, value and service which will result in their satisfaction,
  • > maintain food safety and hygiene levels in accordance with industry and SQF/HACCP levels,
  • > maintain a safe and healthy work environment for the protection of Employees from occupational injury/illness,
  • > and to ensure that all legislated rules are followed and met.

Every function within our company has health, safety, hygiene, ethical behaviour, the environment and customer satisfaction as our highest priorities at all times. The implementation of quality and service as well as the dedication of reducing injuries and illness must form an integral part of the organization and involve all level of personnel.

Our quality program has been developed to meet the custom nature of our business and the specific requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (excluding section 8.3 [Design] as the customer supplies all design and specification for their product) and SQF/HACCP. It contains statements of our quality objectives and policies, commitment to quality, the authority of the Standards Manager and descriptions of the procedures for implementation of these policies.

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