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We are consistently investing in new and better machinery. This allows us to deliver quality packaging at lower prices. We are proud to feature some of our newest machinery here.


Made in Canada, we manufacture our own material in house through out state of the art extrusion machinery.

Blown Film 9 Layer line – AeroFrost

The industry-leading AeroFrost® 5- to 11-layer system. Fast job changeovers, requiring less start-up time and product waste minimization, are a breeze to perform, making the AeroFrost® the best choice for today’s increased demand for shorter jobs.
9 Layer - AeroFrost
Vector Technology

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Water Quenched Blown film line – AquaFrost

Combine the advantages of cast and conventional blown film, deliver improved clarity and thermoformability, balance orientation, and increase flexibility with less resins with BE’s AquaFrost® system. Bring your costs down and your reliability up.


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An essential part of any packaging is the print. With our state-of-the-art printing presses, we ensure beautiful, eye catching prints on your packaging to compliment the product inside.

20SEVEN CI Flexo Press

The BOBST 20SEVEN CI flexo press and Extended Color Gamut drive change in the flexible packaging industry. The use of Extended Color Gamut (ECG) is growing. Although the trend is developing faster for some printing technologies and in some market segments than in others, everyone agrees that a steady growth in the next 10 years is expected. The new 20SEVEN flexo press from BOBST is the company’s latest expression of its strategic commitment to deliver ECG solutions for a variety of printing technologies and applications.

20SEVEN Press

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Recloseable labels have become a large part of packaging today, and a large part of our business. We looked at many label machines but could not find any to meet our needs. This led us to building our own custom label machine. Our custom machines are equipped with 4 heads, allowing us to run 4 passes in one go.