Products Information

COEX Films

A company, in any industry, must stay as close as possible to the leading edge of technology, if it wishes to remain competitive. Packall has done that in its Extrusion Department, and it has enabled its customers to stay competitive with the best and safest packaging in the market.

We started off several years ago with our computer-controlled multi-layer Brampton Engineering extruder, capable of producing EVOH barrier film, Co-Ex material including Nylon, Metallocene, and Surlyn.

With our 9 Layer AQUAFROST extruders, we have responded to our customers' demand for an even higher quality product. With this capability, we are reacting quickly to our customer's requirements and expectations.

  • High Clarity Co-Ex Sheeting
  • Up to 1828mm (72inches) width
  • Thickness from 71 to 279 microns (2.8-11mil)
  • 9 Layer Structure
  • High Barrier

Our COEX Films are some of the clearest films you will see on the market. If you want to show your product with extreme clarity, contact us for more details and we will be happy to assist you in creating the packaging you require.

Rollstock Films

Packall has made both plain and printed Roll Stock for many years. With our multilayer extruders and our laminating machines, our customers know that they can rely on both our forming and non-forming webs in their production environment. They also know that we will have used the correct layers to provide them with a safety barrier in their package.

They are also aware that with our 8 and 10 color Fischer and Kreche presses we will print their non-forming web with bright and pleasing colors that will catch the eye of shoppers. We print many photopolymer jobs with the same quality as gravure, thereby reducing the costs where they have to change labels frequently. Call us and we will gladly show you samples of our work.

Our customers pay very little more for printed roll stock than they would for pressure-sensitive labels, but they get a more pleasing package without fear of losing labels.

Bags / Pouches

With our state-of-the-art Pouch Machines, we can make plain or printed pouches with or without a zipper or even stand up. We have the capacity and can produce your product on time, without compromising quality. We produce excellent pouches, both printed and plain and we have the best turnaround in the business. Many companies are very pleased with our printed pouches. They pay very little more for these than they would pay for a plain pouch with a label, but they find the result so much more pleasing.

Many supermarket companies now prefer to have stand-up pouches and find them more stable and pleasing on their shelves. Shoppers also show a preference for stand-up pouches, especially those with a zipper, which they can reseal to keep the product fresh.

  • Zipper
  • Tear Notch
  • Micro Perforation
  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Hole Punch
  • Printed or Plain
  • Header

These are just some of the possibilities with bags. Contact us for more information on your product and we will find the perfect combination to make your product stand out from the rest.

Trim Winder

When we were unable to obtain a trim winder in the marketplace with all of the features we required, We decided to develop, engineer, and manufacture our own TRIM WINDERS for use in extrusion, slitting, and pouch making applications. We required a compact, portable machine that our operators would find was easy to use and have all the features they required. With this Trim Pack-II winder, we have eliminated all the jamming and roll-ups that we had in the past.

We have thoroughly tested it on extruders, slitters, bag machines, and presses. Instead of a large bundle of film, we now get a compact roll 22" wide and 16" in diameter. With this, we are now saving valuable floor space.
As well as designing a compact and portable machine, we also designed it with automatic shut down when roll reaches full diameter, automatic shutdown when the trim is broken and the ability to wind two trims from the same source simultaneously.

  • 40m/min
  • 2 Trim 25mm Wide
  • 7.5 Hr Running befor changing roll