We are proud of the technology we have implemented. We use the most up to date technology and machinery in our manufacturing process, to ensure we end up with the best finished product.

Printing Color

Print quality and correctness are of paramount importance. Our process ensures the proper graphics are printed on the packaging and are as crisp and eye catching as they are on the computer image. As well, ensuring that the correct verbiage has been places on the packaging is critical. For these purposes, we employ many technologies, below are some examples.

Packall Packaging Inc

The i1iO is designed for manually reading test charts for profiling and color validation is time-consuming and leaves room for human error. The new model of i1iO has been developed to accommodate the i1Pro 3 and the i1Pro 3 Plus, providing a simple way to enhance functionality, versatility, and speed up the measurement process.


Ideal for ink rooms, quality control labs, and print and packaging manufacturing facilities with the highest standards, the eXact Advanced can measure the color of ink and paper before, during, and after print production to ensure color stays on target. It also connects with PantoneLIVE and NetProfiler to maximize color accuracy within the workflow.


Packall Packaging Inc
Packall Packaging Inc

PantoneLIVE is a cloud-based architecture that enables digital specification and communication of Pantone standards to all stakeholders in the global supply chain. With centralized digital color standards and spectral values, everyone accesses and utilizes the same Pantone color libraries creating unsurpassed color consistency and a new way to manage and communicate color.


The ColorCert Suite was developed from the ground up to enable the packaging industry to better manage the complexities of CMYK, Expanded Gamut, and Spot Color workflows, regardless of the printing process, substrate, or industry standard. Its modular set of tools streamline communications, provide actionable data and enable better utilization of existing people, processes and technologies.


Packall Packaging Inc
Packall Packaging Inc

GlobalVision Print Inspection is a digital quality control system that allows users to automatically compare hardcopy samples to digital files, enabling powerful offline inspections that protect against all types of critical errors. Built to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual proofreading, Print Inspection works by scanning in printed proofs using a GlobalVision certified scanner. These proofs are then automatically compared against approved PDF files to detect any differences between them.

Global Vision

Slitting Detection

One of the many checks and balances in our process is our line scan camera technology which can detect defects at the end of our process when the finished material is being completed.

Our Erhardt & Leimer line cameras work to catch any imperfects which present in the film, allowing us to remove anything critical to film quality.

Line Scan Camera

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Quality Control

Our state-of-the-art quality control department tests all products to ensure close conformity to film specifications. We strive to deliver the best quality of material.

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The PERMATRAN-W 1/50 G is designed for low-cost barrier testing for Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) on films from low to high barriers. It features a removable horizontal test cartridge offering easy sample preparation and an integrated control system with digital display and touch keypad.

PERMATRAN-W 1/50 WVTR Analyzer

The OX-TRAN 2/22 series of high-performance analyzers can test the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) on both films and packages from low to very high-level barriers. The oxygen permeation analyzers for packages and films are easy to use and offer the shortest test times available in the market. They feature 2 independent cells with changeable horizontal test cartridges that allow a wide variety of sample sizes and types to be easily and accurately tested.

OX-TRAN 2/22 OTR Analyzer

Packall Packaging Inc
Packall Packaging Inc

The ESM303 is a highly configurable single-column force tester for tension and compression measurement applications up to 300 lbF [1.5 kN], with a rugged design suitable for laboratory and production environments.

Mark-10 ESM303