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Packall Packaging Inc

Flexible Packing Materials Manufacturer & Supplier for the Food Industry

Packall Packaging is a manufacturer of flexible packaging for the food industry.

Packall Packaging Inc

About Us

Packall Packaging Inc. is a major supplier of flexible packaging to the food industry, with a specialty in meat, cheese, and seafood.

The company always insisted on acquiring quality leading-edge equipment that our employees quickly mastered. When we could not find the quality we insisted on, we built our own or modified it to our specifications. For example, we developed and manufactured a New Trim Winder, which the company and its customers consider the best trim winder available on the market.

Packall is a full-line converter in that we manufacture films from resins. We also print, laminate, slit, and make pouches, all at our facility in Brampton. Packall is a registered ISO and SQF Level 3 company with certifications with FDA, KOSHER, GFTC, and OPALTONE Print System (Please see our certification page). These organizations continuously inspect our operations, and they certify that Packall is in compliance with their requirements for registration. You can be assured that the product it supplies is of the highest quality.


Packall differentiates itself in our industry with exceptional service and quick turn-around. While we follow this policy, we also recognize the importance of maintaining excellent quality and competitive pricing. We are always aware that a company can take years to build a good reputation, but can lose it with just one transaction. We do not claim to perform miracles, but if you have a problem with packaging supply, call us.

We will do whatever is necessary to fulfill your needs. If your problem is with your equipment or even with the material we did not supply, call us and we will send our technician to help you solve it.

Packall Packaging Inc
Packall Packaging Inc